Settling things in life

After I had finished my escort’s career with Charing Cross escorts, I settled down with an older guy. Unlike the other girls at Charing Cross escorts, I had not my man at the escort agency. We had met at a pub, and you may not believe this, but we had actually met at a pub quiz competition in the pub. When I had a night off from Charing Cross escorts of, I did really enjoy quizzes and that is how Philip and I met.


The first time we met we were on rival teams, but after a couple of weeks, I ended up on his team. He was knew to the area and did not mind me working for Charing Cross escorts at all. For some reason, we sort of fitted together and rather enjoyed our company both in the pub and outside of the pub. Gradually we kind of drifted together and we started to mean more and more to each other.


When I finally left Charing Cross escorts to start my own little business, Philip could not have been more supportive. I had not really expected to have a lot of support, but he was just great. I guess I was kind of lucky as the business took off quickly but Philip did not mine helping me out. When I was super busy he used to make sure that dinner was ready when I came home, and that I did not have to do very much.


Another thing that really appealed to me about Philip was that he was so calm. I used to flap about and I realised it came from my work at Charing Cross escorts. But Phil was not like that at all. He told me to try to stop doing everything myself and chill out a bit. I guess that helped a lot, and it was not long before I took a different approach to life. In fact, I realised that you could not work all of the time, and that you actually needed to have time out to make life more enjoyable.


Philip and I have bought our own house now and I have left Camden Cross escorts far behind. Sure, I had a great time there and it has allowed me to do some fantastic things in life. Neither Phil nor I are that much into kids, but we both like traveling. Since we moved into this house, and got sold both our flats, we have focused on what we want to do. Sure, we both work, but to be honest, work is not the most important thing in our life. We have lots of stuff that we like to stay involved with, and needless to say, we still enjoy our pub quizzes.

Living with someone who is a bit older than you are should not be seen as something negative. I actually think that moving in with Philip is one of the best things that I have ever done, and I would not want it to be any other way. Some of the girls I used to work with would probably think that Philip is a little bit boring, but I don’t think so at all.…

Joy and happiness with Sutton escorts

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It’s not about what I want anymore but what my girlfriend’s want

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